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Tenebrous had the delight of chatting with Kristy Lynn about her journey as a practitioner of Magick, and her self-discoveries that add sparkle and wisdom to this amazing lady. From her adventures as a piercer to discovering the incredible world of the magic of nature with plants, Kristy Lynn is truly an enchanted one.

Mistress LC. HarrisonPlease, for your "Creature Feature,"as part of your interview, Tell me a bit about your first career, and what it meant to you. How do you think you found your way to where you are today? And, What inspires you most?

Thank you!

Kristy Lynn: "I was a professional body piercer for ten years. I travelled to the other side of the country to work and learn, and found a deep connection helping people in that way. Body piercing is something that is overlooked by many as a fad, but can have lasting, transcendent results when approached ritualistically as a means of energetic release. 

This was definitely my purpose for that decade of my life. When I became a mother, however, it became harder for me to be in such an intimate setting with so many people each day when I was needing to give my all to my children. When I had my second child, I decided to end that chapter in my life. I have always been drawn to plants and during the year after his birth, they began calling me louder and clearer than body piercing ever had. I knew that medicine making and integrating spirit was where my focus would fall. I was fortunate enough to find work at my most favorite herbal and metaphysical store and am happily running my etsy shop on the side. My path has been twisting and surprising, but I think the best ones are. I am most inspired in the forest, where growth is untouched by man and lives by its own rules. I think we could all take many lessons from watching the plants."

Tenebrous' Exclusive Interview with Kristy Lynn:

Mistress LC. HarrisonPlease, Tell me a bit about you, describe yourself briefly.

Kristy Lynn"I’m Kristy Lynn, I’m owner/creatrix behind Betwixxt & Between, mama of two, lover of the plant kingdom and practicing witch of over 15 years."

Mistress LC. HarrisonHow did you first become Interested in Magick? 

Kristy Lynn"I first became interested in magick in the 6th grade. I was in the school library doing research for a paper on world religions. I stumbled upon a now-defunct website called Spirit Online, which was a wonderful Wiccan resource site. I spent the rest of that study period clicking through spells, in awe that this was a real thing, and something inside of me came home. I knew at that moment that I was and would forever be a witch. When you’re a teen and you’re angsty and feel like so many things are out of your control, magick is the perfect life tool. Reclaiming your power is priceless, no matter what your age."

Mistress LC. HarrisonWhat is you favorite way to incorporate your craft into your daily life?

Kristy Lynn"I incorporate magick into my daily life in so many ways, I don’t even think about it anymore! I think my favorite right now is my daily moon ritual. I meditate on the moon every evening and stop at my altar and touch base 

every morning, setting intentions for the cycle on the new moon and following that through the phases. I also create sigils for everything and find that to be really empowering. It’s so easy to use a magical oil in a glass rollerball bottle

to trace sigils on your skin!"

Mistress LC. HarrisonDescribe what type of Magick is your favorite, and why?

Kristy Lynn: "I love magick in all its forms, but my favorite go-to is candle magick. It’s just so versatile and I love that

it can be as formal or informal as you like. If I’m in a hurry and know I need to do spellwork, I’ll take a quick gander at a few correspondence books, choose my candle color and oil, and raise that power. I feel like most ends can be met this way."

Mistress LC. HarrisonDo you have a tip for a new practitioner? 

Kristy Lynn"My biggest tip for new practitioners is to read everything you can get your hands on. We live in this really crazy era where books that were almost impossible to get a decade ago are selling for like two bucks on Amazon. Don’t fall into the trap of alluring cover artwork that a lot of the books coming out today are boasting- many of them lack anything of value between the pages. Stick to the classics, which a quick google search can help you find. I would also say to practice every day, even if it’s 5 minutes spent in meditation or contemplation of your craft."

Mistress LC. HarrisonHow do you find Magick most helpful in your life? 

Kristy Lynn"I find magick most helpful in my life for the little things. I feel like no matter how much you think you know what you want, the powers that be seem to rearrange things in the most beneficial way for you for the long-term, so it’s best to let that be. Practical everyday magick is so very empowering and can be surprisingly effective. I have a little spell I found in a book that I’ll use if I can’t find a parking spot, or an old gypsy chant I turn to if I need some extra cash. Crystals are wonderful allies, as well, for transforming our everyday lives."

Mistress LC. HarrisonDo you have any favorite New Age authors, and why? 

Kristy Lynn"I enjoy so many authors for different reasons, but to throw out a few suggestions: 

I adore Ann Moura’s Green Witchcraft series. For me, she is the perfect balance between 'traditional' witchcraft and solitary eclectic. 

Janet and Stewart Farrar are Alexandrian Wiccans and have written quite a few books that are just packed with great information. 

Raymond Buckland has always been a favorite, and his Complete Book of Witchcraft reads as a workbook, which I found really helpful at the beginning of my path. 

Phyllis Currott has done a few really great reads. 

I also love the classic Dion Fortune books, and that her fiction works are actually nonfiction gems, but were written under that guise in a time period that wouldn’t accept the craft."

Mistress LC. HarrisonWhat is your favorite magick tool or tools and why?


Kristy Lynn"Currently, I try to work without tools as much as possible so that I don’t become reliant on them. I do, however, have an athame that I’ve had for many years and has seen a lot of ritual. It’s not the prettiest item I own, but the buzz of power housed in that handle is palpable. I’ve always found it really useful for directing, storing and grounding energy."

Mistress LC. HarrisonWhat is your favorite Magick Element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, or Spirit) and why? And, How do you incorporate your favorite element into your craft? 

Kristy Lynn"I have always felt a huge affinity for Fire. Even as a child, I was entranced. I myself am a double Fire sign (Sagittarius sun, Leo moon) and feel like I’ve always 

embodied it. Passionate transformation is pretty much my mantra and I’ve lived through quite a few during these Earth years. I also love the cleansing and purifying aspects 

of Fire and utilize them in my practice quite a bit. My favorite way is when something needs to be gone, write it down and burn it! I also enjoy smoke rituals to clear negativity and utilize incense in some form just about every day."

Kristy Lynn

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