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The Athenaeum

Welcome to the Tenebrous Athenaeum! 
athenaeum (th-nm) - A place, such as a library, where printed materials are available for reading.
Exciting things are happening here!  Please stop back soon!

Click to Read a Flash Fiction by Suz Winspear

Click! to Read a Gothic Monologue by Suz Winspear

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Mistress is currently accepting submissions for this page.  If interested in advertising your work, posting a banner/link for your promotional site/page, web publishing an amateur short story/essay or posting excerpts from published works please contact us at msangeldemon@aol.com .  There is only one prerequisite, the subject matter must have a dark theme.  Thank you!

We will be discussing books, essays, authors, reviews and short stories here. 


The Tell Tale Heart Featured Author
 This will be a regular feature where Mistress will place a spotlight on a special individual writer and their projects.  




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