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"Will you walk into my parlour?" said the Spider to the Fly, 
'Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy; 
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair, 
And I've a many curious things to shew when you are there." 

From The Spider And The Fly by Mary Howitt

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Photo Courtesy of Adrian Butt

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A Seduction is Attempted

By: Suz Winspear

Come back with me now,

you with your weirdly thrilling face and your bright blue eyes.

I will sneak you back to my sad hotel.

We will avoid the hidden camera by the door

and that sullen old woman,

the reception-desk’s dour monument,

and we’ll ignore those ill-translated warnings about visitors in rooms.


Come back with me now . . .


I want to see your bright blue eyes

shining through deep-sea lenses

to make my shabby room an underwater cavern

where seahorses swim with the small wild mermaids,

and scarlet fish with golden fins hide in the coral.

I have dreamed of you so often of late!

Sometimes in tight red latex

(you look so thin you almost seem religious!)

Or in sleek silver satin like dusk on a calm ocean

with fresh sea-pearls entwined in your hair,

or with shiny black boots laced up tight

to the tops of your long, long legs.

Sometimes I dream of you in leather

smiling strangely,

Enjoying the image you see in my dreams.


Come back with me now to my sad hotel . . .


My wine is finished and it will soon be daylight –

I want to gaze at your weird and thrilling face

knowing that my shape and myself

are held in reflection

in your bright blue eyes.


Why won’t you answer me?

Why are you walking away?

I’ve drunk too much and I’m feeling stupid

but wait for a moment more . . .

Wait . . .

Please . . .



By: A.D.

For the essence of love is held on a very fragile thread.

It swings, … precariously, … like a spider on its web.


Hoping in its insignificant existence to somehow manufacture a net worthy to sustain its life with the catchings.

I have only sustained my self. Never sated my soul’s hunger for love.

Daily, I survive, … waiting, …

Yearning for a chance meeting with the choice morsel that will add meaning to my existence.

~ Or death ~

Whichever is swiftest.

Not once have I sacrificed my dream of you.

I hold it close, … locked safely in the recesses of my troubled heart,

Awaiting your touch to send life through my veins.

I am undead - dwelling among the leftovers of other’s fantasies - never my own fulfilled.

Someday …

Oh! Surely someday, your sweet flesh shall become entangled in my web,

And I shall be saved by your nectar.

The hope of salvation awaits in the pit of my soul.

Your tender touch is all I need to be redeemed.



by A.D.
Free my soul! Oh Master Of The Hardest Heart.  I am chained in a prison without comfort or care.
Starved am I for the substance of a single kiss or kind word.
My body naked without the humility of one shrouding embrace.
Seek not shelter nor fortitude from this cruel keeper.
Demon of mean blackness and Winter's frozen breath of death.
I gasp for the air the precious breath of love I so desperately need to survive - but my lungs collapse in vain.
I feel my heart wither and turn to dust.  Passions flow rancid and maggot infested in my river of romantic dreams.
Can it be that our love is like a butterfly in a jar?  
So beautiful to display yet destined to glass encased death and survival dependant upon the timely removal of the lid you have upon your heart. 

Courtesy of webshots.com

The Angel In The Wood

Original Work By :  L.C. Harrsion

Edited By: Angel Demon for this  site with permission

It was Halloween night …

The lady they called

The Angel sat in the dark woods.

A chill in the air

Made her shudder …

She sighed.

As she looked up at the stars,

She heard the howl in the wind.

It seemed distant,

But when she returned her gaze before her,

She saw a man she did not recognize.

He was a tall handsome man.

His enchanting dark eyes gazed deeply into hers.

He seemed to be pondering something.

A shiver ran up her spine

His grey hand reached for her …

She hesitated but gave him her hand …

He spoke,

“Oh, beautiful lady, won’t you come with me?”.

His voice echoed through her mind.

He  spoke so eloquently, his voice gentle.

Pensively, She slowly answered him,

“Yes, I will go with you.”

… At that moment, he grabbed tightly hold of her …

Frightened, She stammered, “Please let me go!”

… He did not respond to her plea,

She felt herself faint …

She awoke in a dark room.

Now, a different man stood before her, her husband.

- It had all been so long since last she saw him -

Appearing out of thin air with a mist around him,

He spoke, “How are you, My Angel?”.

“Where am I?”, She said.

He came closer to her,

And sat down beside her.

She now could see that he was quite pale.

Not just grey,

But almost translucent …

The room turned cold,

Yet she saw the fire burning in the hearth.

The light from the flame

Cast an eerie glow,

But did not illuminate the room …

He answered,

“Why, Angel, you are … home.”


She pondered the word …

“Was this … home?”

Then a couple entered the room.

They lit the sconces on the wall.

They spoke amongst themselves,

As if they were the only ones

Present in the room …

She heard a familiar man’s voice say,

“I found her in the woods,

And tried to revive her,

But there was no hope for recovery.”

… Then the woman said …

“So untimely, she had so much to live for.”

The familiar one spoke again,

“She must have laid down to die at the spot where they first met

…She had slit her wrists …”

… Angel‘s face contorted, now in horror …,

At the realization …

Her beloved husband said,

“This is home to us,

Forever we shall be together,

From now until the end of time.”

“But where are we?!”, she pleaded.

“We are home …

Out of time …

And out of space,

Home …

And never shall we part again,

For I will never leave your side.”

Panicked, Angel gasped, “But we’re …”

Her last word was never heard …

As the last toll sounded

On her life …

“Who was she speaking to?

I wonder… Her poor face …

What was in her mind? …”

His thoughts trailed off

As a howl cried out through the night.

This would be The Angel’s last

All Hallows Eve …






Blood Lust

By: T.C.K.

Taste my torment - know my mind

Pleasure and pain in one combined

Without your touch - I’m a wasted shell

Look into my eyes - See into Hell

Press against you - Know my will

Like a vampyre - Seduce to kill

Blood so fresh - I can taste it

Precious essence - must not waste it

Feel the passion take control

Flesh and flame consume the soul

Whisper what you know I need

Speak the words - a sinner’s creed

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Soar up to the heavens, stumble into hell

Searching for the someone we each know all too well

Looking in the mirror as time takes its toll

Reach into your heart ~ its the journey of the soul



Love's Chemistry
Taste the nectar from my tongue and the potion of my soul will infect yours
We will be possessed by each other's blood
Baited by the promise of desire and succomb to the fire that burns the hidden shadows of our minds
Let our bodies ignite in phoenix flames ~ We will let our ashes mingle in pools of liquid love


Forbidden Rose

By: Lueya

Craving freedom from the oppressing crushing collapse of heart,
Give onto me endless distraction,
Feed the passion and fierce fighting spirit,
Surrender to strength with will courageous
Crusade against the fabric of destiny's time trap
Overturn the tower of rule
Onto a new dawn, we control
Fate to play in our grasp,
A vampire's embrace
Sweet and victorious
We rise to our empire
Free to love and create
Living immortal our dreams to cherish
Untouched by the poison of the past
Forbidden acts our salvation
Let us entertain you again
With grace, dignity, and poise,
We love eternal,
Forbidden rose...

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