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I am Eternal site mistress Angel Demon!


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Welcome all tenebrous souls and curious ones! I am glad you could stop in to visit. During your stay, I hope you enjoy yourself. It is my goal to entertain and inspire you!

Regardless of who you are or what you choose to do in life, I truly believe that everyone has a fascination with dark things. There is this primitive side that dwells deep within that wants to walk the edge between day and night, dance in the shadows between good and evil. We all have a dark spot - whether we admit it or not. Some express it with a passion for aggressive, promiscuous music, or a lurid Stephen King paperback collection. Maybe you love the little rush in your blood that comes from a scary movie late at night or perhaps you enjoy Halloween because you can dress up and slip some plastic fangs between your lips. Whatever your expression, its your darker nature escaping. We just can't be pink, white, sunny and cute ALL the time. It's not healthy! I created this website to express and share my own tenebrous nature with others like me. If you met me on the street, you would never guess I have a pair of custom fangs, "Manic Panic" makeup, a "Roebuck" coffin purse and an extensive Dracula collection. What makes us exciting are the many facets to our personalities - its what makes us unique and truly beautiful. I encourage every visitor to participate and share a piece of their shadowy side. So, drop me a line, post a poem, comment, doodle, photos or whatever. Explore a part of you that you've been hiding. Most importantly, have fun doing it - and don't be afraid of the dark!

~ as written by Eternal Mistress Ms. Angel Demon. 

Greetings Kurai Koishii

(Dark Loves)

I am Mistress LC Harrison,

sister of Ms. Angel Demon.

All my life I have loved things from the dark. I loved watching The Twilight Zone, when I was just a small child. I had a Monster Club with my Sister; my favorite monsters being the Werewolf and Frankenstein. As a teen, I loved Edgar Allan Poe and Mary Shelley. I became a Gothic Horror writer myself. I didn't delve heavily into Gothic culture until college. Before that, I kept my dark side a secret. My Sister and myself have much in common from a love of Vincent Price and Lon Cheney to tastes in music and style. I happen to also adore Boris Karloff! I love Japanese Horror, and the darker tastes of the Visual Kei system; such as Kote Kei, Goshikku Kei, Kurafu Kei, and Iryou Kei. (If curious, you may find out more on my blog 

http://vktutelage.blogspot.com/ ) I have interest in ghosts, Metaphysics, spirit communication, cemeteries, Horror film, and Gothic Rock music. My greatest inspirations are Stephen King, Alice Cooper, Takashi Shimizu, Mana, Lord Byron, Tim Burton, Mary Shelley, Washington Irving, and Peter Steele. 

I hope that I can keep Tenebrous immortal, darkly inspiring, and devilishly entertaining.

~ from Mistress LC Harrison  

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Everyone has a TENEBROUS spot in their soul!

Ms. Angel Demon ~ Courtesy Of L.C. Harrison
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Lueya Harrison

LC Harrison

Don't be afraid of the dark ... EXPLORE!

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Art by Victoria Frances

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Mistress has a confession.  My first crush was on Vincent Price!  It began at a very tender age, in second grade, when I saw a Disney film at school called "Born In Freedom - The Story Of Colonel Drake".  My most prized possession is a Vincent Price cook book from the 1950's.  I have loved every film he has ever made, admired his gracious elegance and still swoon at the sound of his dynamic voice.  If you loved him too - you must check out these sites ...




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Happy 100th birthday, Vincent!


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One thing I just adore is a haunted house!  I can't think of many more fun than Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion!  While late nite surfing, I found the most adorable site!  "Doom Buggies" is dedicated to fans for every aspect of this immortal ride!  If you have never been to a Disney amusement park or if you love the attraction like I do ~ you'll DIG this interactive site.  Check it out!


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