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The Splatter's Review of Raveze

ラヴェーゼ - [偽りのディストピア(false dystopia)]

Tenebrous is excited to introduce you to Raveze!

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False Dystopia [偽りのディストピア] is the first single of ラヴェーゼ. 

In [偽りのディストピア] the pounding heavy yet intricate drumming of Tohya and the bass work of Hinaki create a densely saturated, caliginous and tenebrous sound.

The guitars add some garnishing interest and support to the pounding, driving pulse of [偽りのディストピア] with repetitive motifs. All the powerful and fierce instrumentation sets the ambiance for the listener. Saya's vocals are diverse in style, keeping the interest of the listener by ambushing, luring and directing the listener along through [偽りのディストピア]

Overall, Saya's brilliant and divergent vocals orchestrate [偽りのディストピア]  with its grandiose heavy metal inspired tenebrous ambiance, making [偽りのディストピア] an inspiring experience for all that are crepusular and savage.

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ラヴェーゼ - [偽りのディストピア(false dystopia)] PV

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