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The Splatter's Review of Asagi's Shikabane no Ouja

Asagi of D is a well known persona for his artistic endeavors expressing the darkness of vampires, the light of nature, and the mystery of both.

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屍の王者 [Shikabane no Ouja] from Asagi's (vocalist of D) solo release「Seventh Sense/屍の王者/アンプサイ」is an enthralling gothic and tenebrous experience. 

In 屍の王者 [Shikabane no Ouja], the progressive electronic motifs interwoven with bold majestic symphonic rock statements drive the rhythm of the piece, and propel the listener through the song. Asagi's vocals are dynamic and expressive, expertly delivering the lyrics and showcasing Asagi's vast vocal talent. All this extravagantly adds to the dark gothic feel and intensity of 屍の王者 [Shikabane no Ouja]. The guitar work throughout 屍の王者 [Shikabane no Ouja]  is the perfect ornamental compliment adding emphasis to Asagi's vocals, and energy and intrigue to the instrumentation.  

Overall, Asagi's 屍の王者 [Shikabane no Ouja]  is a grand glistening gothic treasure, bringing delightful indulgence for all tenebrous souls.

Asagi - 屍の王者 [Shikabane no Ouja] PV

Asagi -  Shikabane no Ouja

Lyrics including an English translation are here - http://visual-trad.blogspot.com/2016/05/asagi-shikabane-no-ouja.html


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