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The Splatter's Review of Zombie's Graveyard de Love Song

ぞんび (Zombie)「墓場 de ラヴソング」(Graveyard de Love Song)

ぞんび (Zombie) is a delightfully tenebrous band that we are excited to present!

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ぞんび (Zombie)「墓場 de ラヴソング」(Graveyard de Love Song)

In 「墓場 de ラヴソング」the listener is greeted by the spirited, articulate and expressive vocals of Kanata. There are hauntingly impish instrumental motifs throughout the song that add intrigue, drive, and buoyant interest for the listener. 「墓場 de ラヴソング」contains a consistent drum pulse throughout the song that pulls the listener along. Reika's drumming also adds further interest and drive.  Kanata's vocals with his artful ability to expressively follow the varying motifs and sonance throughout 「墓場 de ラヴソング」draw the listener further into the ambiance of the piece. The guitar along with the bass bring a gravelly, murky, and heavy sound to the haunting motifs and driving pulse, that compliment the overall atmosphere of this song.「墓場 de ラヴソング」 is a delightfully tenebrous tune filled with expression, impish mischief, and solid musicianship on the part of the entire band.

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ぞんび (Zombie)「墓場 de ラヴソング」(Graveyard de Love Song) PV





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