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Review For D's Happy Unbirthday

Lueya thought you might enjoy some eerie mirth for the season.  D is usually in the habit of portraying vampires.  This new single expresses another side of the band yet that dark edge is ever present.

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D - Happy Unbirthday

D returns with a dark fantasy journey into Wonderland, invoking the whimsy of a tenebrous dream. In this piece, the light melody is accented with heavier rock motifs. From the lighter beginning that draws the listener into the majestic shadow reverie that is this Wonderland's driving force to the heart of this twisted fantasy piece, Asagi's vocal work is what carries the listener though this journey. His beautiful singing at the beginning lures the listener into the fantasy, and Asagi artfully expresses the lyrics that tell this story. The English words throughout the song create an accent that emphasizes the points of the story the song is telling. The instrumentation has a driving beat surrounding a light impressionistic fantastical melody with rock accents that bring the song to climax and close, a perfect formula for a Wonderland Unbirthday. Overall, this shadowy dream journey through Wonderland has a perfect balance of light and dark that create a whimsy and a shaded rock fantasy experience for the listener. 

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D - "Happy Unbirthday" (YouTube Version)
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