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Review of Vamps' 'Vampire's Love' from the film Dracula Untold

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Tender and beautiful, Hyde's Vamps adds unexpected romantic touches to the latest offering of 'Dracula' films with a lush ballad called "Vampire's Love".

To be a part of the film "Dracula Zero," also known as "Dracula Untold," Vampire's Love is the perfect threnody by Vamps.

Vampire's Love is a beautiful, dreamy heartfelt ballad. The song describes the feelings of a heart that feels beyond reason. The dark plays on the light with piano motifs and symphonic chords, that artfully compliment the passion behind them. The shadows of the meaning dance in the airy light sounds, leaving the listener lost in a romantic song. Hyde's vocals are drowned in expression and the passion of the core of this melody, as they drive the song from beginning to end. The core of this song is in the heart of those that hear it. The melody sweeps the listener along through all the feeling of this piece. It is a journey that touches the coldest vampire heart.

Vamps - "Vampire's Love"

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