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The Splatter's Review Of Vampire Rose

Elegant escapism wrapped around vampire fantasy, Vampire Rose provides the perfect music to dine or dance to.

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Vampire Rose

「吸血審判」 オリジナルver

Vampire Rose is a well known gothic figure in Japan. This project of his is a stygian transcendent musical experience for all things tenebrous. This song, 「吸血審判」 オリジナルver captures the vampire heart in all that dwell in the shadows. Vampire Rose has a new release 吸血審判 that may be purchased at http://www.brand-x.jp/phone/product/8316 .

From the stormy organ and fanfare beginning and the driving arpeggios of a symphonic guitar to the dramatic builds and final climatic note, 「吸血審判」 オリジナルver 

by Vampire Rose is a darkly gothic treasure. There is a full sound with elements of a driving pulse, symphonic metal, and powerful dark energy. Rose's vocals set the mood throughout; from his spoken words and whispers to his vocalizing and singing, Rose carries the listener through the dark journey, drawing in the unassuming vampire heart to his tenebrous side. Overall this driving gothic creation is a powerful piece that leaves the listener captured by the experience.





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