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Spiritual Healing Entertainment is spiritual consulting advice with entertainment services to promote illumination, inspiration, healing and uplifting of the human spirit.

We love to uplift your spirit through spiritual healing entertainment!

Our name "Olana" was chosen to represent the divine and light of the moon that shines light in the dark, illuminating shadows to discover truth from within and heal emotions and human spirit through that light. So, "Olana" to us is a word that means "Moonlight Spirit". Brightest Blessings, and may the Moon always light your path and way through the dark!
Established in 2009 by real life sisters Amy Chris and Tracy Starr, Olana Sisters was created out of Priestess Amy Chris' Covenant of Olana, which is a group of a few pairings of real life sisters that meet up to explore metaphysics and practice spiritual upliftment. It is Olana Sisters' goal to share their path-working and other alternative healing talents to inspire, illuminate, and heal the human spirit for everyone.

Olana Sisters is a project of spi Productions Inc., and sponsored through Tenebrous Magazine the Webzine's page, "The Sortilege".

We are metaphysicians, which is the philosophy of understanding the unseen energies in nature, the world, and the cosmos around everything regarding existence, space & time, and possibility. All that is considered spiritual, mystical, magical, and miraculous, causing wonder and awe, are all part of metaphysics.

As lifelong entertainers, Olana Sisters bring an unique quality to all our presentations, adding in some flair and light-hearted amusement to all our appearances. We love to see people finding smiles and lighter hearts. We have made that spiritual upliftment our mission with all of our services.

We are an entertainment, consulting, and holistic alternative healing service.

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