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Tracy Starr

Eternal Founding Member, Metaphysician, Tracy Starr is known for her empathic sweetness and buoyant light-hearted kindness. An automatic writer, clairvoyant, and scryer, Tracy has been noted for her keen intuition, clairaudience, and telepathy; and, will forever in spirit be an Olana Sister. Together with Amy Chris, she helped develop an unique team approach to interpretation, that has helped to make Olana Sisters acclaimed.

Amy Chris

Founding Member and Metaphysician, Amy Chris created Olana Sisters Cartomancy and Divination Services in 2009 with real life sister, Tracy Cathleen. An Honorary Dr. Of Metaphysics and of Divinity, & Master of Wicca, Priestess Amy Chris and Level 1 Reiki has been practicing divination for more than 25 years, and brings with her intuition, historical and mythological knowledge, as well as a psychology background to her card interpretation. As an intuitive since a child, Amy Chris has long studied metaphysics and has kept spiritualism close to her heart. She embraces her empathic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant abilities, and applies them toward assisting others on their paths with a positive illumination and healing approach. Amy's other ESP abilities include: psychometry, telekinesis, energy healing, mediumship, pet intuitive, and is knowledgeable about cleansing rites. Amy Chris is also a Practitioner of Sound Healing & Music Therapy. She is officially ordained through the Universal Life Church.

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