Olana Sisters Cartomancy & Divination Services


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Pointe Foure

Our Services Include:

Entertainment - Intuitive Consultation and Counsel Advice through Path-Working, provided for Entertainment, Insight, Illumination, Inspiration & Healing of the Human Spirit.

Classes - Advice and Instruction on varied topics of Metaphysics, including: Magic/Spellcraft, Dream Interpretation, Manifestation, The Power of Faith through Positivity Mindfulness for a Boundless Life, & Tarot etc.
Sound Healing & Music Therapy - We are working on adding this new service for you very soon. More Information will be available soon!

Handfasting - Must be special requested. Due to Covid 19 this new service is not being officially offered at this time. A negotiable recommended starting price at about $188 and will not exceed $444, depending on services to be rendered and time spent in preparation, as well as any counsel.


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