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Olana Sisters can now be booked for your event or private party!  A variety of four to five methods of divination are provided for you and your guests.  The fee is $10 per person.  Events & parties must be a minimum of two people to qualify for party pricing. 
Entertainment is continuous activity: 
Minimum of 2 people for 90 minutes
We can read 4 people in an hour up to a maximum of 12 persons for 3 hours
Events with 10-12 people are priced at $12 per person
Events with 13 or more people require special arrangements and pricing. 
Methods of divination are pre-determined according to theme.  Special requests are welcome but must be arranged prior to events.
To book us for your party, email us at OlanaSisters@aol.com , message us on Facebook  or phone us at 814-898-4535.  Please allow no less than 7 days advance notice for reservation time. 

*Please Note Our Readings and Events are for Entertainment Purposes and our pricing is based for the entertainment services and time!
Choose from the following themes:

The Basic Party
This theme consists of our most requested divination forms: 
The Celltic Cross,  
Expanded Dream Pathworking,
Mme. Lenormand style playing card divination
and Dr. Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy.
If you don't specify or can't decide, this theme is always a crowd pleaser!

By Morgan Fitzsimons

Native American:  Discover your animal totem spirit, explore Shamanism and more with this theme.

By Kris Waldherr

Egyptian: Learn the ancient mysteries of the Book of Doors, scarabs and so much more!

By Beth Hansen

Fairy Realm: Choose this theme and let the magic of fairies delight and amaze you!

By Moon Momma

Celtic Wisdom:  Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of mysterious symbols and oracles from Celtic traditions. 

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