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A series of Elemental Magic Classes on how to incorporate each element into your life and work with it to promote balance. The idea is that working with the elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, brings balance to you from within yourself, and helps to improve your mood and your life overall through nature's elemental balance. That is, in bringing different aspects of yourself into balance by working with the different elements of nature, you can promote healing for yourself inside and out. Each Class will include correspondences of each element, how to bring that element's presence into your everyday life, and how to set up an unique sacred space alter for each element.

*Price for the Class Service is $10 from those signing up. Classes include a packet covering the correspondences and topics of the class, and a hand-blended sample incense for each class's element - per attendee.

*15 maximum people per class.

*Attendees must pre-register for classes on the store sign up sheet.

Do so by Visiting the Store at 2516 Peach Street Erie, PA 16502

or Call at (814) 454-5844.



Thursday, June 27, 2019

6 PM - 7 PM


Water is considered the element of the healer, and is associated with soothing and balancing different emotions. It is the most tranquil of the elements, but can be a fierce force to be reckoned with, when considering the electrical conductive properties of water, how water may erode, shape, and contribute to storms. Those who are drawn to mermaid stories, love dolphins, walking 

the beach, helping others, and promoting peace may be centered in the water element. This class will suggest ways to incorporate and direct the water element as an energetic force to help healing, centering chaotic emotions, and all the interesting correspondences found in water & sea magic.



Wednesday, July 24, 2019 

6 PM - 7 PM


Air is considered to be the element of the musician and the writer, and is associated with self expression, movement, and communication. Air is a freeing element that brings uplifting energy and helps to end stagnation in forward goal progress. Air is an element of bringing in storm energy and is powerful in its own way. Those that love fairies, angels, birds, and any flying creatures may be centered in the air element. This class will suggest ways to incorporate and promote the playful spirit uplifting qualities of the air element into your life, and will include all the magical correspondences of wind magic.


Thursday, August 22, 2019 

6 PM - 7 PM


Fire is the element of the creative and passionate spirit, and it is the element of transformation, renewal, and aids in energy raising, and self empowerment. Artists and those that love high energy activities are often in attunement with the Fire element. Those that love to make wishes, build strength physically or in character, find themselves often acting as protector to those they care about, and love to create new ideas are kindred in spirit with the fire element’s Djinns, Fire-Drakes, and Phoenix. Candle magic, bonfires, and hearth are associated with this element. This class will include explorations of energy focus, raising, and directing the creative energy of the element Fire, as well as, suggestions on bringing the restorative and strength building properties of the Fire element into your life.


Monday, Mabon, September 23, 2019 

6 PM - 7 PM


The element Earth is associated with grounding, growing, and gratitude. Crystal aficionados, gardeners, hedge magic practitioners, tree and animal lovers, and anyone that feels most grounded in nature based activities are centered in the Earth element. Guardians of Earth include the entire fae realm but center on Elves and Gnomes. All herb based magic, crystal grids, and plant based magic fall within the Earth element. Earth connection provides a tranquil, grounding, rooted atmosphere for calming energy, and brings focus and growth to build manifestation and soothe the spirit. This class will suggest ways to incorporate Earth energy into any type of manifestation work, as well as, bringing this grounding element into your life.


Thursday, October 24, 2019

6 PM - 7 PM


The Element of Spirit deals in ancestors, higher consciousness, divine or elemental spirit connection, and balancing and uplifting the inner spirit. Often associated with spirit communication, Spirit as an element also involves gratitude, self-healing, and self-faith. Meditation, Pendulums, most forms of Divination, and Intuition fall in the realm of the Spirit Element. Feathers, black and white animals, crystal skulls, fairies and angels are all symbols of Spirit. In this class, suggestions for ancestor connection and communication, and ways to utilize the Spirit Element for strengthening your own inner spirit will be explored.

*Please Note Our Readings and Events are for Entertainment Purposes and our pricing is for those services and time.

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