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Amber Geiger, LMT

In 2014, just a week out of high school, Amber moved from Townville to Erie to pursue her calling in Massage Therapy at Great Lakes Institute of Technology, after deciding. Prior to enrollment, she had personally never had a massage herself, thus, she intuitively began her own journey of healing and growth; as well as, an unique career. 

Since graduating, Amber was hired immediately back in her school's clinic as an assistant and tutor. She then went to work with Professional Massage Therapy, and currently continues to work here in Erie at her own office on West 26th Street, as well as in Meadville at Vitality Natural Health & Wellness Center. She has taken a variety of eclectic classes to be able to provide her clients with an unique, totally customizable experience. Such classes include Craniosacral I, various essential oil courses, "Calming An Overactive Brain" & "Understanding & Treating Generalized Anxiety Disorders" by the Institute for Brain Potential, Bodywork For PTSD, Reiki I & II, and a blend of others. She strives to incorporate knowledge in anatomy & kinesiology with intuitive touch and energy therapy, so as to be able to serve her clients' in deeply relieving and rejuvenating their minds, bodies, AND spirits of everyday burdens, as well as different traumas they consciously or unconsciously may be harboring. She especially has experience in treating Fibromyalgia, chronic migraines/ headaches, whiplash, depression, anxiety, dystonia, PTSD, abnormal spinal curvatures, schizophrenia, autism, sciatica, and various nerve-related issues. Amber makes it a point to make all sorts of learning resources available to her clients, so expect to have small classes available. She does this to encourage their self-understanding involvement and expression in and out of the session room, as well as their own self-healing, to be able to enjoy life on more than one side of the spectrum.

When she isn't practicing, learning, or teaching, Amber's heart belongs in the woods or on the road.She loves small and big adventures, near and far. Some of her creative outlets include writing, walking, biking, painting, cooking/baking (but not dishes!), going to concerts, and playing one of her guitars or tying to learn violin. FUN FACTS: her ultimate favourite band is Disturbed, and she was originally planning on going to the Musician's Institute to further learn metal guitar. She loves tea, but not really chai so much. One of her accredited best friends was a chicken she trained and cherished for nine years named Piper, whose story actually got her accepted into a children's book writing school in Connecticut when she was in 8th grade - however financially it just wasn't feasible at the time. Lastly, Amber has five AWESOME siblings.


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