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Greetings! We are Entertainers, who are also Metaphysicians, and we are dedicated to sharing our path-working abilities for entertainment to illuminate, uplift, and promote healing of the human spirit through divination as a tool of path-working. 

Please Note Olana Sisters' Readings are for Entertainment Purposes and our pricing is and has always been Donations for those entertainment services and time! Brightest Blessings to all who visit here, and Thank you!


Art by Anne Stokes

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Olana Sisters' Appearance Schedule:

Please Regard!

We are currently Not offering these two services. Parties and Private Readings are on indefinite hiatus. Thank you for your understanding. 

For Inquiries E-mail us at olanasisters@aol.com or Text 814-392-3956 please!


Special Olana Sisters' 
Pathworking Event Dates 
for Spring at Chicory Hill Herbs:
Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Next Appearance at 
Chicory Hill Herbs will be:

January 9, 2019
Special: Your choice of either A Reading with Runes $8 or A Reading with Mah Jongg $10
February 6, 2019
Special: Your Choice of either An in-depth Relationship Reading with Kris Waldherr's "The Lover's Path Tarot" or Get a Specific Question Answered for Chinese New Year with Mah Jongg $10
April 10, 2019
Special: Your Choice of either a Reading with "Way of the Horse: Equine Archetypes for Self-Discovery," created by Linda Kohanov $8 or a Horseshoe Reading with Tarot $10
May 8, 2019

*Please Note Our Readings and Events are for Entertainment Purposes and our pricing is based on Donations for the entertainment services and time!
Art by Kristen N. Fox

Chicory Hill Herbs is located at 2516 Peach Street Erie, PA 16502

Call the store at (814) 454-5844 for more information or visit their website at http://www.chicoryhillherbserie.com/

Store hours for Chicory Hill Herbs are 10AM - 6PM.  Olana Sisters appears in shop from 1pm - 5pm.   
~No reservation is ever required~   
Inquire by emailing us: OlanaSisters@aol.com or text at 814-392-3956 for more details. 



We will be offering a special featured spread at every Chicory Hill Herbs Cartomancy appearance for $10.  Stop in to see what we have on the table! 
Our divination spreads available at Chicory Hill are:

A 3 card tarot spread - $5
What is the Moon Saying to You? Reading** - $5
A 7 card Relationship Guidance tarot spread - $8
"Coming Attractions" 4 card tarot spread - $8
 Old Fashioned Gypsy Witch spread - $10
Checking Directions tarot spread - $10
Monthly special featured spread $10
A Madame Lenormand style playing card spread - $12
Buckland's Seven Star Spread - $15
A Celtic Cross tarot spread - $20
Olana Sisters' famous "Custom Double Reading"* created for Chicory Hill Herbs appearances - $30

*The Olana Sisters developed a special divination style exclusively for Chicory Hill Herbs.  It is a custom double reading consisting of two complete card layouts, one in the style of Madame Lenormand using traditional playing cards in the form of a Lenormand Style Deck and the other layout  consists of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.  Both spreads are then interpreted together by the Sister(s).  It is truly amazing how two separate decks of cards can work in tandem to aid you on your path.  Come experience the mysteries of cartomancy with us! 

**A Reading with "The Queen of the Moon Oracle" Created by Stacey Demarco

*Please Note Our Readings and Events are for Entertainment Purposes and our pricing is based on Donations for those services and time.

Other layouts are also available upon request.


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Olana Sisters is a group of metaphysicians dedicated to the illumination and healing of the human spirit through divination as path-working viewed in terms of karmic choice for entertainment. We perform divination through tarot, playing cards, pendulums, intuitive readings and crystals as well as other tools. We also offer advice on spell craft, dream interpretation and explore hauntings.



Watch for Possible Halloween Events

Coming soon...

sponsored by spi Productions Inc.

We will be offering  

a Gypsy Witch Reading for $10

and a 3 Card Tarot Reading for $5

*Please Note Our Readings and Events are for Entertainment Purposes and our pricing is based on Donations for the entertainment services and time!

Exciting News!  Olana Sisters announces event & private party packages!  Check it out here: 
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Text us at 814-392-3956 or Call 814-898-4535 to learn more!




Olana Sisters is always available upon request.  Additionally, we do private card readings and other forms of divination.  
Please contact Olana Sisters directly for more information.
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The Olana Sisters offers private individual readings upon request.  Pricing is $30 - $50. 
Private instruction in the arts of divination is available for $30 per hour.  
Additional services are based upon request with negotiable Donations.
*Please Note Our Readings and Events are for Entertainment Purposes and our pricing is based on Donations for the entertainment services and time!

Contact the Sisters via cellphone text at (814)392-3956 or phone at: (814)898-4535


Sister Tracy Starr

March 31, 1966 - November 1, 2015

Respect Inspiration Purpose

"We all shine on

Like the moon and the stars and the sun,"

~ John Lennon.

You are eternally with us.

Blessed be.

Music by Ottmar Liebert "Candle Light" from the album The Scent Of Light.

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